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The National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) announced today that Carrie Childers has received a 2017 Gifted Coordinator Award. Ms. Childers is an Academically or Intellectually Gifted (AIG) Coordinator with Cumberland County (NC) Schools, and she was selected because of her continuing support of all gifted and talented students in her district.
NAGC will recognize Ms. Childers at the NAGC 64th Annual Convention (NAGC17) in Charlotte, NC, November 9-12, 2017.
“NAGC is committed to providing opportunities and resources to better understand and serve all gifted and talented children,” said M. René Islas, NAGC Executive Director. “The awards program shines a light on those who are making a difference in supporting gifted children as they reach to achieve their personal best.”
The Gifted Coordinator Award is presented annually to an administrator who has made significant contributions to gifted children in their school district. This includes developing gifted programs, identification protocols, or ongoing professional development on the needs of gifted children, as well as advocacy within the district for gifted education and gifted children.
“Carrie Childers is an amazing example of a leader who models a love of learning and excellence for her staff and for other leaders in the field of gifted education,” said Sneha Shah-Coltrane, Director of Advanced Learning and Gifted Education with the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.  “Her efforts to strengthen programming for gifted learners through continuous research and involving others in advocacy efforts have been exemplary and noteworthy.” “It is humbling to be recognized for my work in gifted education through this national award,” said Ms. Childers. “Gifted students won’t be ‘fine on their own’, so we must continue our journey of cultivating and nurturing their academic and intellectual needs as well as educating parents, teachers, and administrators regarding gifted education. The future of our nation depends on it.”The National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) is a membership organization whose mission is to support those who enhance the growth and development of gifted and talented children through education, advocacy, community building, and research.  CONTACT:  Cathleen Healy,


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The Cumberland County School system is committed to the academic success of all students. Its mission states that all schools will be safe and caring and that student achievement will continually increase with no differences among subgroups.

In keeping with the mission of Cumberland County Schools, the Board of Education adopts the following North Carolina definition of giftedness:

Academically or intellectually gifted students perform or show the potential to perform at substantially high levels of accomplishment when compared with others or their age, experience, or environment; academically or intellectually gifted students exhibit high performance capability in intellectual areas, specific academic fields, or in both intellectual areas and specific academic fields. Academically or intellectually gifted students require differentiated services beyond those ordinarily provided by the regular education program. Outstanding abilities are present in students from all cultural groups, across all economic strata and in all areas of human endeavor.

Cumberland County Schools is dedicated to providing gifted and potentially gifted students the opportunity to become independent learners and decision makers who recognize their potential and responsibilities in a changing global society. The school system is committed to providing a rigorous and innovative instructional program that fosters the highest level of excellence and recognizes the right of each student to receive intellectual challenge appropriate for his/her capabilities.

Image of children holding booksThe school system believes that within the general population of students, there exists a group of students who have some or all of the following characteristics:

• Form a diverse group and therefore, must be identified using a variety of gifted performance indicators.
• Have the potential to learn at a faster rate in their areas of giftedness and share the ability to think with more complexity and abstraction than other children of their same age, experience, and environment, and, therefore, require differentiated curriculum and instruction.
• Have different learning and social needs and require that part of the educational experiences be spent with others who are similar to them in order to establish cognitive relationships and to facilitate their academic and social growth.
• Require teachers who are professionally prepared to differentiate by expanding and extending the goals and objectives of the NC Standard Course of Study.

The Cumberland County School system believes that gifted learners have special intellectual, social, and emotional needs that require an enriched educational environment designed to develop superior thinking skills with curriculum that offers greater complexity, more depth, and a faster pace. Our school system is dedicated to providing differentiated instructional services for students from a variety of social, economic, and cultural backgrounds. These services are designed to foster self-directed, life-long learning by encouraging exploration, inquiry, in-depth study, and reflective thinking.

Published by Nancy Donaldson on September 21, 2017
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